Pig Barnyard Videogame

Pig has the smallest penis in Wordworld. Ever since he was young he was bullied for having a micro penis; this drove him to carry out the columbine school shooting ,in order to make the other kids pay. He managed to escape jail time by letting all the guards fuck his disgusting pig body until they decided he was damaged goods, because his asshole had become too wide for their enjoyment. He was released on [REDACTED], after this he was adopted into the WordWorld community for recovering sexual predators and victims.

However, when he tried to be close with the rest of the community, they shut him out because he's an atrocious living thing; he didn't deserve to live. So, the other members conspired to perform his assassination (episode 7) and they did . Although unproven, it is strongly believed he was raped and beaten by every single citizen because traces of semen were found from most of them. He later died 2 weeks later because his only source of food was bacon that was made from his own skin; this drove him to suicide. (YAYYY!!)

In the later seasons the ghost of pig would haunt some members but not because of guilt, but because they regretted ever knowing him.

Catch the C! Pig is voiced by Jeff Bennett in revived series.

Aug 18th, 2008
C is for cookie-3

C is for cookie-3