Duck is known as one of the worst people of all time. He has impersonated a dinosaur, a princess, a dog hero, a pervert, and a very strong karate master. He also impersonated Micheal Jackson once, which made him die. He has a nest for a home and stupidly calls letters of the alphabet "thing-ama-doodles". He tells people not to worry, but he ironically worries more then them! He acts like a dog hero towards waves, and constantly binge-tells jokes to his homosexual friend Shark (who he stupidly calls "suh-hark"), while the Shark stupidly enjoys them. He has the most scariest face ever and loves jumpscaring and sometimes possessing the souls of his WordFriends. The scariest thing is that he exists IN REAL LIFE!!!! So maybe he will be the duck version of Adolf Hitler after all. He is crap.


Duck does, however have some weaknesses though luckily.

"Clap your hands in the air!"

-Duck when taking drugs...errr... singing the theme song.