Duck is one of the characters in Word World. He is very enthusiastic & Friendly.

NOTE: There used to be a whole bunch of spam and hate on this page. I, CartoonEarthBoy2 have decided to take care of things and remove all of the nonsense text that made this wiki unsafe. WordWorld was a show that I really enjoyed. And someone editing an article and ruining my childhood was not gonna stop me. What was on here was a bunch of insults of Duck, in which I found out. I just couldn't handle what was going on. Since I have an account already on Fandom, I thought I'd save the minds of young ones. Besides, I read all the rules. With that being said, one of the pages was "Zeke" in which someone made as a fan character. One of the rules said "No Fan Characters". Just to let you know everyone, I'm here to help. And if someone can locate the IP address of the Fandom user who spammed this page before and tell me in the comments, I would be happy to report that person for good. And if that happens, then this wiki will be safe again. "You should know better." -Principal Of The Thing (Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning) In conclusion, I would like to say: Thank you for helping me fight back against the hate of WordWorld. I just wish everyone would think about what they're saying online, especially if they're complaining about a little kids show. You guys can thank me later. Peace!

Duck (WW)

Duck from WordWorld